Monster Hunting Wild Hearts Releases Today, Adding Crossplay

Wild Hearts

Monster Hunting Wild Hearts Releases Today, Adding Crossplay.

MMOBEEP found out that Wild Hearts, A brand-new monster-hunting multiplayer game from EA and Omega Force, has just recently been released, bringing crossplay between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Wild Hearts is a brand-new take on the monster-hunting genre. Developed by Koei Tecmo and Omega Force, who is best credited for the Dynasty Warriors series, Wild Hearts brings players to Azuma. A Feudal Japan-inspired world. Players will spend their days pursuing Kemono, beasts that were once peaceful but have now turned feral. 

Via the game’s Steam listing:

“No one remembers why the Kemono began their rampage through a once-prosperous Azuma. Fueled by desperation, they wield the power of primal nature at its most destructive. It seemed that none could stand against their overwhelming might for a while. But hope arrives in the form of a formidable hunter armed with deadly weapons and ancient technology called Karakuri that could turn the tide of battle.”

Wild Hearts is open across PC (via Steam, EA Play/Origin, and the Epic Games Store), and Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5. The monster hunting game includes full crossplay throughout all platforms, but it should be cited. It does not contain cross-progress or cross-save. This implies you won’t be able to purchase multiple versions and carry your progress over, but if you and a friend on various platforms want to slay Kemono together, you can.

Check out the Wild Hearts Steam Page For More Info

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