MMOBEEP Discovered Final Fantasy XI Odyssey Update July Plans

MMOBEEP discovered Final Fantasy XI Odyssey Update July Plans.

The Final Fantasy XI Dev. team has regained its groove, while in this case “groove” primarily means development speed.

The team is back to developing version updates like usual with work-from-home as well as on-location work resuming, which means July’s version update adds a brand-new location for the new Odyssey battle.

This additionally indicates more items that can be reforged because of this, so gamers will certainly have new monsters to hunt as well as brand-new incentives to obtain from it.

Paladins are additionally obtaining an increase in abilities with this patch, with shield spells currently able to influence a realm under particular conditions (although what those conditions remain to be revealed) and Reprisal ending up being extra powerful in advance.

Take a look at the complete break down on the main website, also expect the new content in this game which does not appear to recognize exactly how “maintenance mode” is intended to work.

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