MMO Elteria Adventures Voxelbox  Announced A Mega Patches Including The 4 Roadmap

MMO Elteria Adventures Voxelbox  Announced A Mega Patches Including The 4 Roadmap. 

MMOBEEP has found out that Elteria Adventures, the cute voxel box MMO of “Creativity,” has made a list of what to expect in its next update. Also known as mega patches, each bringing new areas, items, and too much more for players to explore.

  • Alpha 17.0: “Faldaren Renewed” brings a new story, customization, weaponry, and lore
  • Alpha 18.0 “Trick or Treat” is focused on callings, social mechanics, graphics, and self-expression.
  • Alpha 19.0: “Tactical Umbrella” brings economy, threats, performance optimization, and umbrellas.
  • Alpha 20.0: “To the Moon!” introduces the current story arc’s endgame and the Moon biome.

For those that can’t keep up, Elteria Adventures has initially grabbed to our attention in May with the promise of the expedition of drifting islands, a destructible environment, a voxel-based structure system, as well as cute-sounding threats like Crystal Llamas as well as Boarmelons. The game provided an open-access event that began in June as well has since been gone into a closed alpha phase however is only permitted to those who played the game during open access to keep having fun and also maintain their progress. As of right now, the game can be wish listed on steam, while access to shut alpha is only available by request.

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