Minion Masters Releases Dawn Marshall Valorian Hero Of The Empyreum Update

Minion Masters Releases Dawn Marshall Valorian Hero Of The Empyreum Update.  

MMOBEEP heard that Minion Masters’ newest update (Version 1.17) had presented a brand-new hero to the game. Dawn Marshall Valorian holds numerous titles as a superhuman warrior that feeds on the power of light and the man that separates Empyreum and destruction.

Utilizing light-powered capacities, Valorian can do both, deals with damage and also recover, opting to offer injured ally minions with a boost in health or striking a team of enemy minions. He additionally uses a standard blade-based assault that deals a considerable amount of extra damage to the target.

Valorian is available via Tier 6 of the Premium Season Pass or Tier 49 of the Free pass. So, you’ll have the ability to obtain him either way via the All Masters Upgrade DLC. If you get the last alternative and then end up unlocking him using the Free Path anyway, the game will refund 300 Rubies.

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