MechWarrior Online April Brings Huge Changes To Weapons And Equipment In The Latest Big Patch


MechWarrior Online April Brings Huge Changes To Weapons And Equipment In The Latest Big Patch.

MMOBEEP found out that Piranha Games released a massive patch for MechWarrior Online recently. The patch notes are extensive. The patch talks about “the first step in a series of community-driven adjustments to many aspects of gameplay,” centering on many modifications to weapons and equipment. There’s a lot there, but it can be neatly summarized in a few general sections:

Energy weapons see the most significant changes to make them more in line with other alternatives for different engagements. Modifications to ballistic weapons center on “variation within the weapon family and boosting underperformers.” Missile weapons will be a bit more logical in their damage output, with adjustments to missile health, spreads, speed, and volley characteristics.

Three pieces of equipment also see notable changes. AMS has lost its ammo explosion hazard, while Laser AMS now produces less heat. The MASC fill rate has been decreased by 50%, with the redline threshold raised to 85%, and the tonnage cost for IS CASE has been decreased to zero, letting it be equipped in arms and legs. Finally, artillery and airstrikes, like missiles, are meant to be more harmonious, with a more notable duration or strike length but more minor damage, thus decreasing their “feast or famine” nature.

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