MapleStory Neo Darkness Ascending (Part One) Update Launches Together With Increase To Max Level to 300


MapleStory Neo Darkness Ascending (Part One) Update Launches Together With Increase To Max Level to 300.

MMOBEEP found out that MapleStory Neo Darkness Ascending update was published this week, which extended its level cap to 300 and in addition to an all-new location called Cernium. 

A brand Nova Archer job, Kain, is also scheduled to arrive on June 23. The volume of EXP needed to level up within 210-250 has been decreased, and EXP prizes for Arcane River Quests have expanded to make leveling a tad quicker.

As with former significant updates, Neo introduces a brand new Tera Burning and Burning World event, letting players level up brand new characters exceptionally quickly. Players will obtain three levels up to level 150 per level up and obtain additional level-up rewards, consisting of a 17 Star Unique Absolab weapon.

The Neo Update also includes the ‘The Better Maple Project,’ which induces a host of brand new enhancements for overall enhanced gameplay, including:

  • The V Matrix has been updated for more natural use.
  • Boss Battles have been changed, and a brand new boss entry system has arrived, letting players proceed to the waiting zone straight from the current channel solely by choosing the boss, difficulty, and simply pressing “GO.”
  • Skill Tooltips have been enhanced for greater clarity and perception of skill classifications.
  • Equipped item functionality has been updated, letting players associate equipped items with different items associated in chat.
  • The Clean Slate Scroll has been updated, and while in ownership, is converted to a Pure Clean Slate Scroll to preserve the item from being damaged when it fails.
  • A Notification has been included to inform players when Safeguard is disabled throughout Star Force augmentation.
  • Meso Market trades that are in process for separate characters in the same world have been refreshed and can be seen in addition to withdrawing or taking trades.
  • The Meso Market’s daily listing boundary has been increased to 20
  • Maplers can now buy Mu Gong’s Soul Shard from the Mu Lung Dojo Point Shop.

For more info, it can be located in the  Patchnotes.

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