Magic Legends Release New Long-Range Class Called The Sanctifier

Magic Legends Release New Long-Range Class Called The Sanctifier. 

MMOBEEP heard that among the five classes that will be available when Magic: Legends launches will be a long-range class that worships the sun.

The Sanctifier is a new support class that does holy damage. They can smite their adversaries with a Divine Bolt or simultaneously destroy their adversaries and also recover their allies with a Wave of Radiance.

One of their traits gives them control of the battleground. They do this with an energy ability known as Salvation. Every single time this ability is used, the Sanctifier regenerates health and also heals their summons while getting a pile of Devotion. By the time the ability is used four times, the Sanctifier will mobilize an angel to eliminate with them making use of the Lifelink ability.

The class is now included in a new post on the Magic: Legends website, where you can read a lot more regarding the Sanctifier’s abilities as well as some of its development process.

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