Magic Legends End Game Changes On The Horizon, Quality Of Life, And More In Latest Patch


Magic Legends End Game Changes On The Horizon, Quality Of Life, And More In Latest Patch.

MMOBEEP found out that ever since Magic: Legends has hit Open Beta in late March. Since then, they have read player responses and adjusted the features of their ARPG, including increasing up the speed of the early game in April’s mid-month patch. Cryptic has released a brand new update today and took some time to discuss the end-game of Legends.

The team spoke shortly about today’s patch, including concentrating on “a few of remaining bug QoL improvements.” Executive Producer Steve Ricossa also spoke about what the team is developing now before the May update launches.

“Last week, the mid-April update dropped with its pile of nice fixes designed to make your game experience better. This week is a smaller update, mostly focused on a few remaining bugs and QoL improvements. The team is hard at work using your feedback on many improvements that will drop between now and the May Update. The performance continues to make large strides, and we expect that our changes will provide smoother play experience across all hardware levels.”

Also, Magic Legends end game is expanding after complaints from players. It just isn’t as plentiful as they would want. Ricossa understands that the team acknowledges the issue and that it needs to be extended “both in the challenge and specific content.” The team is operating on building “more end game experiences,” which they will unveil soon.

Magic: Legends is now in open beta on PC, though the console versions will be arriving sometime this year. Earlier this month, the team launched a critical mid-April patch that fixed many of the problems from the first days of the beta, consisting of renovating the starting areas and progress to get players into the basics of the ARPG sooner. 

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