Magic Legends Developers Focus On Performance, Monetization, And Endgame


Magic Legends Developers Focus On Performance, Monetization, And Endgame. 

MMOBEEP found out that in Magic Legends, Producer Steve Ricossa recently wrote up a post over the weekend to discuss the first week of open beta. Performance concerns take priority, not an odd problem for an online game that is in early access. The team at Cryptic Studios has previously created two brand new updates to enhance the client’s performance.

Monetization is also a subject of genuine discussion amongst players, and Ricossa directed that as well. The Dimir Assassin class and Nightveil Stalker spell will be opened at level 50 of the battle pass instead of only obtainable through random packs.

As for the currency transfer, something that players believed was the result of some price-fixing by Cryptic, Ricossa clarified that yes, some Aether one million was “seeded” into the bank by Cryptic at release. That was so that players could directly use it to transfer Zen for Aether, and the exchange rate that was set resulted from data gathered during closed alphas. As the game progresses, the Aether transfer will only be supported by the community’s funds.

Other essential points Ricossa brought up the involved tutorial length. It will become shorter, and you’ll be shown more progressive ideas earlier and the always-contentious-in-any-MMO concept of “endgame.” As he says:

“The full depth of the Realm system may have been understated in the Realm blogs we had on the run-up to launch.”

Your Realm is the main root of your progress. At the same time, that was specified in blog posts.

Ricossa plans on a big build for the game throughout mid-April to discuss various game’s significant problems, such as polish, stability, and quality-of-life enhancements. He defined it as “one of many future builds” that will change the game, which you’d hope would be the state for any online title.

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