Mad World Age of Darkness Releases soon with Preregistration Available

Mad World Age of Darkness

Mad World Age of Darkness Releases soon with Preregistration Available.

MMOBEEP discovered that Mad World Age of Darkness, made by Jandisoft, has begun its pre-registration drive. Made with a unique hand-drawn style, Mad World presents players with a beautifully outlandish world filled with treacherous monsters and memorable NPCs, with a vast collection of bosses and challenges that will hopefully keep players interested for years.

One of the game’s most compelling features is its frenetic combat mechanics. With a beat-them-up gameplay tone combined with MMORPG elements like crafting, questing, Raids, a pet system, and skill trees, there may be sufficient here to attract some MMORPG players to try it. Further, mad World is HTML5 based, which will let players jump into the game without having to download anything and let them play the game across multiple platforms.

All players must register on the official Mad World Age of Darkness website to pre-register. Accomplishing so will give players many rewards, consisting of a unique title, adventure chest, and Abyssal Phantom Sphere costume, to anoint just a few.

Jandisoft has also said that players can win various physical prizes as added encouragement. These prizes are detailed as an Apple iPad 10th Gen and 3 AirPods Pro 2nd Gen, by assisting in hitting the target number of stocked registrants.

Mad World has been trying to get the word out, but Jandisoft said in their discord that they’ve been having hardships with promotion due to the essence of the game and its uniquely dark World. In a screenshot shared with their supporters, Mad World’s recent advertisements were removed because their content was considered “harmful for children.” The team has replied that they are working hard to have the blocks dismissed as they near launch. A date for the launch has yet to be revealed, but all signs indicate to an announcement soon.

“To all the Shadow Child fans around the World who love Mad World, we are working tirelessly in the final stages of preparation for its release.

We are facing strict advertising reviews and have been working hard to overcome them. Hahaha. The Mad World website is not cruel at all. Or is it cruel?

We will see you soon in the World of Mad World!”

-Jandisoft, Mad World – Age of Darkness Discord

Its distinctive hand-drawn style, immersive World, and fierce combat features with cooperative PvE and competitive PvP will appeal to gamers looking for something extra. Players curious about experiencing this game for themselves can take a look at the official website and pre-register

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