Mabinogi Will Celebrate 13 Years With Lots Of Balloons And Combat Challenges


Mabinogi Will Celebrate 13 Years With Lots Of Balloons And Combat Challenges. 

MMOBEEP found out that a Mabinogi will be celebrating the game’s 13th anniversary. Balloons will be the main feature of this event’s unique decor. The minigames where players can destroy balloons as fast as possible to obtain Anniversary Coins and Festia Instant Prize Tickets a quest to aid a balloon artist to obtain materials for the artist and in return will give you Instant Revive Balloons.

But it’s not only just balloons. There are also combat trials available, such as the Clobbermeister minigame. Players have 20 seconds to punch punching bags as hard as they can, and the Cave of Trails sets up players to overcome monsters from cave to cave all the way to a brand new mysterious boss. For those excited to celebrate 13 years of Mabinogi, the game’s site has additional details.

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