Mabinogi Second P. E. T. Update With Pet Special Combat Skills

Mabinogi Second P. E. T. Update With Pet Special Combat Skills. 

MMOBEEP heard that part 2 of the P.E.T. update for Mabinogi has now released, tasking players to complete dungeons with the help of their brand-new pets. These brand-new dungeons are the Forest of Four Seasons as well as the Dynamic Lands, and also, the bosses included can drop unique items that will undoubtedly make your pet much fancier.

You can now have fun with your animal or have fun with an additional pet to unlock Pet Harmony buffs. The update adds Fynn Bead Skills, which gives pets special combat skills, such as the ability to produce a defensive barrier or a gravitational field that pulls monsters in.

If you want to learn more about the P.E.T. update, you can head over to the Mabinogi official website.

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