LOTRO Shirefest 2021 New Community Concert Series Will Be Hosted In Crickhollow


LOTRO Shirefest 2021 Community Concert Series Will Be Hosted In Crickhollow.

MMOBEEP found out that this weekend you can head over to Lord of the Rings Online’s Crickhollow, where Shirefest 2021 will begin.

Amidst this event, 30 bands will be utilizing the in-game music system to produce songs on the Methel-Stage in the Shire. Some of the bands joining consist of the Wee Free Banshees, the Gallic Frogs Band, the Michel Delving Bunny Watch, Noodley Tunes, and The Rolling Kegs.

And when you’re finished with that and are once again back to raiding, Dadi’s LOTRO Guides will have all the hints and tactics you’ll most likely need to overcome the brand-new Fall of Khazad-dûm 12-player instance.

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