LOTRO and DDO Aid More Compensation For VIP Accounts

LOTRO and DDO Aid More Compensation For VIP Accounts. 

MMOBEEP heard that as both Lord of the Rings Online as well as Dungeons and Dragons Online gradually return to the standard procedure following nearly two weeks of web server instability, Standing Stone Games is attempting to make it up to both the discontent and the patient.

On top of unique presents given out to all players in both games, the studio is making up VIP accounts with additional points as well as playtime. LOTRO is distributing 250 LOTRO points and also five more days of game time, while DDO is providing 150 DDO factors and two days of added time for both subscribers as well as a lifetime membership.

while others let the problem be some, remain mad saying that compensation does not equal to the time the game has been down for

“Based on your own tweets, the issue [in LOTRO] was on going From July 15th to July 29th,” a player said. “Or least until July 23th where you decided it could run without chat. That’s five days extension for eight days of issues?”

“Wow, that’s really cheap of you,” one noted “The last time the game was down, for fewer days, you gave a month extension. I’m really underwhelmed by your ‘appreciation’ of our loyalty.”

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