Lost Ark Teases the new April Update, Consisting of the Brelshaza Raid Hard mode, and Ancient Gear

Lost Ark

Lost Ark Teases the new April Update, Consisting of the Brelshaza Raid Hard mode, and Ancient Gear.

MMOBEEP found out that Lost Ark has started teasing what’s coming in the Brand New April update. One of the primary features in the update is the Hard mode of the Brelshaza raid, which will present Ancient gear.

The team has dedicated the newest Lost Ark Academy entry to tease the upcoming update, consisting of Brelshaza. Designed to be a brutal raid when the normal mode launched, finishing the Brelshaza raid in Hard mode has the potential to contest even the most seasoned player. When the Hard mode is out, you will require an item level of 1540 for gates 1 and 2, 1550 for gates 3 and 4, and 1560 for gates 5 and 6. The item-level prerequisites are just the start, as there are Brand-new mechanics and challenges to deal with. 

Ancient gear will need materials from the Brelshaza Hard mode raid. If you desire to upgrade your gear, you’ll have to plan out the new raid. Ancient gear will convey set effects and prospects with Relic gear, and you can assign Tier 3 Upper Relic gear to Ancient level gear.

The April update will also unveil the free and premium levels of Ark Pass Season 3. This time, some rewards consist of the Honing Material selection chests, Legendary card packets, and the Chromarong pet on the free tier. Premium tiers could earn you the Dark Priest Warhorse Mount, battle items, and Super Premium, the Dark Priest skin collection.

Since there are some Brand-new challenges, there are also new progression events. A new Punika Powerpass is coming in April, Hyper Express Plus and Engraving Support events, and another match of Story Express. Each of these will aid a chosen character in various ways.

Also launching in April is the brand new Hanumatan Guardian Raid, which the team pledges more info on soon.

Read the full Tease at Lost Ark.

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