Lost Ark Reveals Huge Amounts of Bot Bans, As well As Some Request Restrictions Removed

Lost Ark

Lost Ark Reveals Huge Amounts of Bot Bans, As well As Some Request Restrictions Removed.

MMOBEEP found out that the Lost Ark team guarantees that the recent decline in concurrent users is the work of the newest banwave dealing with the botting problem in the game. Based on the official update, this ban wave took place lately, using brand new methods to target bots and fix the problem. While some in the community Cheer on, others call for Lifting the restrictions initially enforced to fight botting.

The update states, “Players should expect these bot bans to have a positive impact on gameplay, including improved Market and Auction House experiences, decreased lag in heavily populated areas, and fewer bots present in the game.” This will be only some, as the team intends to keep dealing with the bots from wrecking the experience for actual players, so they say to be on the lookout for continued efforts, such as other large-scale bot bans, soon.

Hopefully, player experiences should improve, especially in the market and the auction house, which was ruined because of the massive mobs of bots. Some call for removing restrictions that the team originally put to combat the bots. Some of these constraints and changes included shifting the pacing at which you acquire gold for early questing, maintaining the general amount of gold you make the same, and only driving it back further down the line. Other restraints include a three-day wait for getting Power pass gold, limitations on gifting, an item level prerequisite for unlocking gem chests, and limitations and cooldowns on the auction house components.

Some called for at least some of these restrictions to be reworked, particularly in light of the Lost Ark team saying they would revisit these changes and limitations. Others reported that the bot ban waves are set to persist, and reducing the guard by terminating some of these restrictions might inspire more botting. So far, there has yet to be a dev reply to these requests.

You can take a look at the official update over at Lost Ark.

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