Lord Of The Rings Online Treasure Bugan New Event Introduces Extra Dungeon Rewards

Lord Of The Rings Online Treasure Bugan

Lord Of The Rings Online Treasure Bugan New Event Introduces Extra Dungeon Rewards.

MMOBEEP found out that Standing Stone Games wishes to motivate more Lord of the Rings Online players to do dungeons over the next couple of days with the brand new Treasure Bugan event. 

A Bugan (a goblin-like monster found in the game) will randomly appear within the dungeon, stocking on stolen wealth throughout the event. Crush the quick-footed thief to gain additional rewards in extension to the dungeon rewards.

“World Renowned treasure seeker Theodore Gorse needs your assistance. All his priceless relics have gone missing! To participate in the Treasure Bugan Event, seek Theodore Gorse in any Scaling Instances set to your level. You can even bring your friends and kinmates. Theodore will offer you a selection of cosmetic rewards for your help! Make sure to look out for a sneaky Bugan trying to escape with stolen treasures. Help stop many sneaky Bugan to receive even more rewards!”

Players can also complete the “Seeking the Treasure Bugans!” quest four times to receive a Virtue Acceleration Tome, Virtue XP, and various crafting stocks. The Lord Of The Rings Online Treasure Bugan event has currently been released and will continue until July 27 at 12 am PDT. Event details can be located on Lord of the Rings Online official forums.

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