Project Magnum, The New Looter Shooter by NAT Games Teases Gameplay in New Trailer

Project Magnum

Project Magnum, The New Looter Shooter by NAT Games Teases Gameplay in New Trailer.

MMOBEEP found out that the brand new looter shooter called Project Magnum, will have a mix of fast-paced third-person combat with an RPG-like system.

Looter shooters are unquestionably one of the most popular games in the industry, with titles like Destiny 2 and Borderlands being prime examples. However, the brand new Sci-Fi game will be headed towards Asia and, ultimately, Western markets. Similar to this year’s Outriders, Project Magnum focuses on dynamic PvE battles, joined with an RPG system to develop your characters along the way.

Project Magnum will be playable on both PC and consoles. NAT Games is perceived for making HIT and OVERHIT, two mobile RPG’s that have since been shut down. They are also remembered for creating the popular cross-platform title V4, which was quite popular, gaining 1 million downloads since its original release back in 2020. They were also accountable for releasing Blue Archive, a mobile gacha game, in Japan.

There is still a bunch of info to unpack about Project Magnum, which was shown during Nexon’s Media Showcase. The video essentially represents a heavy sci-fi focus, joined with some squad-based gameplay. In various scenes, characters use glowing grappling lines to turn around the battlefield or connect themselves to an enemy. How Project Magnum will probably separate itself from other existing looter shooters that are currently popular in that genre is not entirely clear. However, we can say that the trailer makes a compelling argument that it will be pretty fun.

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