Legion MMO Relaunching ‘The Eternal War’ On July 16

Legion MMO Relaunching ‘The Eternal War’ on July 16.

MMOBEEP has found out that the active community who developed MMO, Legion: The Eternal War, will be relaunched on July 16.

As said on Reddit, the relaunch is scheduled to include enhanced technology, a much better server framework, and much more. Indeed, having a look at the main forum detailing this relaunch, the team has made a numerous amount of modifications consisting of boosted networking infrastructure, 24/7 servers, as well as a reduction in scope.

That last bit is specifically of note, with the team saying,

“We have simplified the game for the sake of ensuring its design is more concentrated which goes to say that while, yes we do have big plans for this title, we will be chipping away one feature at a time until we are ready as a community to add more to the game. With your support and feedback we can determine when that time will come.”

The team also states that they are a small team and wish for more community involvement in the relaunch,

“We are looking to grow, improve and scale this game into the heavily saturated video game industry. We want your support in terms of game design in order to make Legion: The Eternal War the best possible version of itself that it could possibly become.”

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