‘Legends Of New World’ Is A New Teaser Video Released For The Upcoming New World MMO


‘Legends Of New World’ Is A New Teaser Video Released For The Upcoming New World MMO.

MMOBEEP found out that Amazon has dropped a brand new video series for its forthcoming MMORPG, New World, this time providing a sight into the legends that inhabit the island of Aeternum, aptly titled “Legends of New World”

The Legends of New World brief clip establishes the scene for what players can start to anticipate when exploring the isle of Aeternum, the environment for Amazon’s forthcoming Age of Exploration-set MMO. Legends of New World is short, but it does hatch the mood that players expect. 

“Aeternum waits beyond every horizon and calls adventurers from across the world and ages they come,” the narrator says at the start, telling players that the residents and inhabitants of the Eternal Isle aren’t just explorers throughout the waning years of the Age of Exploration. Instead, Aeternum seems to be the spot where adventurers from all generations and across all religions have explored at some point.

It’s a short trailer, so don’t assume much in the realm of authentic storytelling and lore framework here. But, it seems to set the expression for future chapters of this brand new New World series ahead of its launch. 

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