Legends Of Aria Fall Arena Season Is Ongoing Few Interesting Adjustments


Legends Of Aria Fall Arena Season Is Ongoing Few Interesting Adjustments. 

MMOBEEP has found out that the Legends Of Aria Fall Arena Season 2020 has launched several competitions for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.

The Legends Of Aria Fall Arena Season 2020 includes several adjustments and new rewards, a new UI for leaderboards, a few PvP adjustments, and more. For example, two tips are now up for grabs if you can earn first place in ranked. In the first place, you can get the Obsidian War Mount. And if you get in the top 10, you’ll receive a Champions Statuette.

Improvements in matchmaking were also included. It will better match you with opponents close to your own ranking. This is to make games fair but still give you some challenges as you attempt to get a higher rank. PvP adjustments were also provided, and here they are:

  • Sorcery damage no longer interrupts spell casting.
  • Mage Armor’s prestige ability become instant cast.
  • “Reveal” was added as a sixth circle spell to reveal all objects within a radius of the caster.
    • 6th circle spell will require Lemon Grass and Moss to cast.
    • The inscription table requires one ancient scroll, 2 Moss, and 2 Lemon Grass to craft.
    • “Line of Sight” is necessary to reveal players/objects successfully.
  • Rules for showing hidden players:
      • Will display any player with who the caster is in an active conflict.
    • Will display any player that is a criminal.
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