Last Oasis Update Allows Players Pack Up Smaller Walker Into Bigger Ones

Last Oasis Update Allows Players Pack Up Smaller Walker Into Bigger Ones.  

MMOBEEP found out that the game studio Donkey Crew has made it much easier for you to own several walkers in the last Oasis and take them with you as you travel through the post-apocalyptic desert with the Walker Packing attachment. This brand-new feature allows players to pack up a smaller sized Walker as well as carry it around using a giant walker.

“We understand the need to be able to pack up some smaller Walkers and have them easy to access. With the Walker Packing Attachment, larger Walkers like Falco, Buffalo or Stiletto will be able to store the following packed smaller Walkers: Spiders, Fireflies and Dinghies!”

The Devs will also be launching a brand-new Dev’s vlog later today as well as will be holding an AMA on Reddit today, August 28th, to speak about their plans for the game and also new stuff that they’re currently working on.

You can discover more regarding the Walker packing attachment in the video listed below. You can also head over to the Last Oasis Steam Community page for extra info.

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