Last Oasis Season 3 will divide the map into Small Realms and will add the game to Xbox Game Preview


Last Oasis Season 3 will divide the map into Small Realms and will add the game to Xbox Game Preview.

MMOBEEP found that it’s been about a year since the survival sandbox Last Oasis has been released in steam early access, and this time, the team at Donkey Crew is looking to spice it up a notch with the launch of Last Oasis Season 3. Most distinctly, the game’s enormous map will now be broken up into “Small Realms,” which will probably let the game encourage more playstyles and help the devs with bringing more balance to the game.

These brand new Small Realms will introduce many population caps to suit solo players, tinier clans or groups of friends, and more prominent clans. They will only be temporary, which the devs expect will let players try doing various things with their characters. As far as what maps will be open in these realms, these will come out gradually, commencing with Nomad’s Cradle and Canyon and climbing up to higher tier maps.

“For Season 3, instead of once again trying to find the middle ground between those types of players, we’ve decided to shake things up and go for a completely new radical approach altogether,” explains the post. “We want to make it clear that we’re not afraid to try new things during Early Access if it means having a better game in the long run, and there isn’t a better time to try it out than the launch of Season 3.”

Smaller realms will not be the only features appearing in Season 3, as the game will get a brand new map, a flying Walker, some PvE content, and a colossal sandworm. Moreover, the game has also been released in Xbox Game Preview, allowing players to play cross-platform or on dedicated Xbox-only realms. You can learn more about these brand new features in the changelog and the trailer listed below.

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