Last Oasis Season 3 Arrives On Friday Together With A Server Wipe


Last Oasis Season 3 Arrives On Friday Together With A Server Wipe. 

MMOBEEP found out the next major update for the game, Last Oasis Season 3 is on its way soon, as the developers have confirmed that a server wipe is incoming at some point on Friday. The main reason for it it’s to clear the deck for the launch of the game’s third season, along with a patch that’s promising to involve fundamental changes to some of the game’s structures, which is pretty far-reaching!

Of course, this refers to the previously announced patch, which the developers outright said would have issues ahead of time, promising a UI overhaul and full controller support.

There are very few details about the new content arriving and what players can expect to experience when the patch goes live. However, given the game’s currently shrinking player base, one might expect that to be a bit more important. Let’s hope that this new season will be the update that the game needs.

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