Last Oasis Launching The Exoskeleton This Week

Last Oasis Launching The Exoskeleton This Week.  

MMOBEEP heard that a brand-new Exosuit was scheduled to release in the Last Oasis week (can also be referred to as the Exoskeleton).

The Exoskeleton, which is scheduled to arrive next week as well as been implemented by popular demand from the Last Oasis community, the Exosuit, protects players in combat and also makes them capable of carrying two different weapons in battle. You can have too look at the trailer for this brand-new Exosuit below:

You can find the Last Oasis at Gamescom in the Indie Arena Booth. You can look into that booth right here. Furthermore, the Last Oasis remains in the Steam Indie Arena Booth sale right now at 34% off. The sale ends on Monday, August 31, at 7 PM CEST/10 AM PT.

In recent news, the team has included a giant cobra walker to the game earlier this month. You can take a look at the info about that brand-new Walker right here.

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