Last Oasis Hercul Walker, New Event Map And Interesting Base Decay Released


Last Oasis Hercul Walker, New Event Map And Interesting Base Decay Released. 

MMOBEEP found that another weekly update comes to the Last Oasis. It includes a brand new “Hercul Heavy Walker” and a new Ancient City event map that promises new rewards, rupu camps, and vendors unlock. The update has also made many changes to the game’s economy and has also applied a lot of balancing, like some walkers taking more projectile damage.

More importantly, it is the Base Decay feature, which is in the beta branch right now. Players have to build a Maintenance Chest now and fill it with resources that are used over time to prevent the base from decaying, with more massive bases consuming needing resources.

 To allow players to get ready for these changes, Base Decay won’t be released until some time next week, so those in the beta branch will want to start building those Chests and filling them with resources.

You can also watch Last Oasis Hercul Walker in action in the movie we put bellow

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