Last Oasis Blog Provided Further Information About The Development Activity Of The Game

MMOBEEP found out that the newest dev blog for Last Oasis provided some further information about the development activity of the game, as well as community anxiety.

The dev blog begins with Developer Lucas Stannis confessing that this most recent update may likely not be what the community desired. He reminds us that the update was scheduled for a while, but confirmed that more community input would undoubtedly be taken into account for future updates.

He then states that the community’s disappointment with the marketing posts as of now:

“We know that some of the marketing posts have not sat well with you, and we want to make it clear that marketing beats and the development process are separate things that often work in tandem. Social media posts, devlogs, and participation in events are just as planned out in advance as development. So, don’t worry, development is still happening and will always be our focus, even if there’s an ongoing marketing beat.”

Stannis discuss the current pandemic, which has shifted the team to fix several critical technical problems which resulted in silence from the dev team. Stannis notes it’s his purpose that this dev blog site will certainly be a push for “more consistent communication.”

He then starts to talk about the roadmap, which is still in progress and will undoubtedly be released soon. No specific date was given, but it was pointed out that it was practically ready to be disclosed. The message ends with a Q&A. You can review the dev blog here and or watch the  with video clip listed below:

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