Last Epoch Patch Delivers Bug Fixes And Much More


Last Epoch Patch Delivers Bug Fixes And Much More. 

MMOBEEP has found out that the newest beta patch, 0.8.1c for Last Epoch, brings a host of bug fixes, Endurance changes, and more.

The changes to Endurance are meant to bring it closer to other defenses. This is meant to make it more challenging for the endurance limit to exceed your max health. Additionally, the team is decreasing how much efficacy of Endurance will change depending on your max health.

The Last Epoch patch 0.8.1c has also introduced multiple changes to skills like ‘Death Seal, Detonating Arrow, Firebrand, Frenzy Totem, Infernal Shade, Lethal Mirage, Rebuke, Shield Throw, and Surge.’ Item tweaks and adjustments were also presented as part of the patch.

Passives were approached as well and caused some fixes, including:

  • Fixed a bug which when the Void Knight’s Null Velocity passive would trigger an ability that makes you above 0 mana.
  • Fixed a bug wherever the Paladin’s Shield Wall node gave full health instead of health on the block.

You may take a look at the full patch notes here.

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