Iron Harvest Operation Eagle expansion launched, and it’s on sale


Iron Harvest Operation Eagle expansion launched, and it’s on sale.

MMOBEEP found out that Iron Harvest 1920‘s first-ever expansion, Operation Eagle, has been released this past week, taking with it the American Usonia faction, brand new flying units, and a brand new story campaign.

Usonia establishes itself aside from previous factions, featuring air units and AoE attacks, with practically all of their mechs administering splash damage over a broad area.

The brand new campaign (solo or co-op) brings players from Alaskan snowstorms to the hills of Arabia with seven brand new missions in the new campaign and over twenty-five minutes of brand new cinematics. The campaign also highlights several brand new playable units withdrawn from rebellious Bedouin tribes, consisting of minigun-carrying camels and grenade-throwing assassins.

Even if you don’t buy the expansion, you’ll still enjoy the various mechanics of Operation Eagle, consisting of brand new air units for the former factions and enhanced AI.

If you have taken an interest in Iron harvest, you can now purchase the game for 50% off on the Epic Store. This discount also pertains to the deluxe version, which involves Operation Eagle and the Rusviet Revolution DLC, for no extra charge. Meanwhile, Steam users have the sole option to purchase and play Iron Harvest Operation Eagle without the base game, in case you’re only intrigued in Usonia or want to make a minor purchase before binding to the entire game.

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