Intrepid Studios Ends The Partnership Agreement with And Will Now Self-Publish Ashes Of Creation Globally

Intrepid Studios  Ends The Partnership Agreement with And Will Now Self-Publish Ashes Of Creation Globally. 

MMOBEEP heard that Intrepid Studios, the company that made Ashes of Creation, has recently announced that it ended its posting agreement with, which started back in 2018. Both events mutually agreed to finish the partnership. Under the terms of the now-ended contract,, the company that made Revalation Online as well as Skyforge, would be publishing the game in Europe. Intrepid Studios will now self-publish Ashes of Creation globally.

While this statement has been welcomed with much excitement on Reddit, it raises some warnings. While, like numerous other f2p MMO publishers, isn’t specifically popular in the MMO community, the company’s partnership with Intrepid Studios gave legitimacy to Ashes of Creation. Regardless of the genuine concern about as well as their ‘p2w practices’ with previous games, they’ve released something Intrepid Studios has never done. Unless, of course, you count the devastating launch of their Battle Royale game Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse, which was such a substantial disgrace for the company.

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