Horror Survival Game Osiris New Dawn Has Officially Released

Osiris New Dawn

Horror Survival Game Osiris New Dawn Has Officially Released.

MMOBEEP found out that Osiris: New Dawn has just recently exited Early Access and is now officially released. The survival game contains features such as exploration, combat, integral crafting elements, and community-driven content.

There are a lot of worlds to explore, and you’ll find different alien creatures on each planet that are distinctive to their ecosystems. The worlds are also vibrant, with weather routines that can affect your ability to survive at all. The weather can also aid you in some cases, and you’ll have to understand the different biomes across the various planets to pick the most advantageous. 

Explore around, find a proper place to create your base, and start working on building it up and settling on some strategies. Then, construct during the day and secure things for the night forth. In the launch announcement, the team reports that 1.0 has over seven years of content, including all of the significant updates, brand-new features, and expansions they have launched.

As in many survival games, the night is unsteady and hazardous. So you’ll also have to consider how you can secure your location or actually set up protection or weaponized attacks for anyone or anything that might come.

The Fenix Fire team blends survival game elements, crafting, exploration, and other elements like that dynamic weather system. They’ve also pulled from horror inspirations for the creatures and some of the environments. Unfortunately, survival is not insured, so there’s a need to be strategic and sometimes to have good luck.

There is a special discount on Steam and the Epic Games Store to mark the launch. Head to Osiris: New Dawn for more.

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