Hood Outlaws And Legends New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Hideouts, And Class Roles


Hood Outlaws And Legends New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Hideouts, And Class Roles. 

MMOBEEP found out that the team at Sumo Digital has released a brand new Hood: Outlaws and Legends gameplay trailer for those who are interested in the game. The brand new trailer gives a quick look at more cinematics before transferring to gameplay footage that highlights the game’s PvPvE features while also giving a comprehensive overview of how the four classes work collectively in a match.

The footage highlights two teams of four players fighting against each other to infiltrate a building, find the vault, find the key to unlock it and bring its contents to one of many extraction points. Like Crytek’s PvP bounty-hunting game, Hunt: Showdown, players can let the opposing team do all of the grunt work and attack them at the vault. Or better yet, they can set up the ambush at the extraction point where the opposing team will also have to fight with the Sheriff, and AI guards pursuing them.

“Every game of Hood: Outlaws & Legends pits you and your friends against a rival group of four other players who are also aiming to steal the treasure. You and your team must work together to select your band of complementary outlaws, each with unique abilities to offer, before infiltrating vast, medieval strongholds. Outsmart the opposing team and villainous State to find, steal, and return the riches unfairly taken from the people.”

The Hood Outlaws and Legends New trailer also introduces a preview of the game’s Hideout mode, where players can consume their hard-earned spoils to customize their characters and unlock brand new skills. It also appears to be voiced by voice actress Jane Elizabeth Perry, Diana Burnwood in the Hitman titles.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends come out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on May 10. Check out the brand new trailer listed below.

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