Gweonid Lantern Festival Comes Back Again To ArcheAge


Gweonid Lantern Festival Comes Back To ArcheAge. 

MMOBEEP found out that the Gweonid Lantern Festival will be coming back in ArcheAge. The festival started right after the February 18 maintenance, with the night sky above Gweonid Forest glittering with thousands of lights to honor the fallen.

To join the event, which will be live throughout March 4. Players level 10 and above will require to talk with NPC Denissi and help build a lantern. Players can also chat with Rojuni and Yallie for more ways to obtain Lantern Festival Coins. Three times a day, players will get the possibility to help illuminate the Dimmed Yata Lantern by visiting Mellius and utilizing a Lantern Candle to convert it into a Lit Yata Lantern. Once the lantern is lit, players will be compensated with some Festival Coins, Glimmershine Essence, and a Gwoenid Elixer buff. Additional lantern coins can be obtained by finishing achievements.

Of course, once players have enough of the coins, they’ll be able to trade them in for various items ranging from Gweonid Elixers for five coins to Monkey Rugs and Money Chairs for 30 coins each. A full list of prizes is available on the Archeage site.

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