GuildWars 2 Launches July Patch Which Includes Updates For Class Balance

GuildWars 2 Launches July Patch Which Includes Updates For Class Balance.

This week, ArenaNet is ready to launch with some development patch notes a defined class balance changes on Guild Wars 2 on Tuesday, July 7th, as part of efforts to allow players theorycraft and discuss the update.

The notes are somewhat incomplete, missing an essential adjustment to the Thief class, and also a callout of the very first thing of the modifications are made to the Necromancer. Yet, they’re otherwise extensive, with deep dives into what’s been fine-tuned and also the reasoning for the adjustments.

Noteworthy mentions, in this patch, they are going to nerf the Guardian’s “Feeling My Wrath!” shout, self-shattering for Chronomancers will return, a nerf to damage for Soulbeast Rangers. And some quality shifting for the Necromancer’s signets and wells along with new grandmaster characteristics, among others.

As one would expect, there’s plenty of reactions from the GW2 community, as well as one Redditor condensing the notes to virtually Twitter-like proportions. There’s additionally a video from YouTube as well as from a streamer Mukluk.

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