GuildWars 2 Baby Aurene Colorful Bundle Added For Charity Fundraising Drives

GuildWars 2 Baby Aurene Bundle Colorful Bundle Added For Charity Fundraising Drives.

GuildWars 2 Baby Aurene Bundle Colorful Bundle Added For Charity Fundraising Drives. 

The number of MMOs helping the cause of raising money for Extra Life and children’s hospitals get bigger every day. Guild Wars 2 have once again joined in the charitable fundraising drives, which will, of course, help the cause.

The headliner of this fundraising drive is a new bundle that is on sale in the in-game store that brings a unique GuildWars 2 Baby Aurene pet named Mini Circle of Love Aurene, five Extra Life Karma Boosters, as well as five Temporary Selfless Potions. All purchases being donated to Extra Life. And if anyone wasn’t able to get last year’s charity bundle will be able to now. The team at ArenaNet has started a 24-hour charitable Livestream last Friday and raised over $21K in donations.

There, there will also be some free rewards for players to collect, like a unique title from logging in, a free Revive Orb in the Black Lion Store, and boosts to Magic Find, XP, and reward track progress for PvP and WvW. The Extra Life 2020 bundle will be live until later today, while the free rewards will be live until Monday, November 16th.

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