Guild Wars 2 World Polish Patch And Several Bug Fixes


Guild Wars 2 World Polish Patch And Several Bug Fixes. 

Guild Wars 2 has introduced some world polish and bug fixes with its brand new patch.

Guild Wars 2 world polish introduces a brand new merchant for items from the previous past April Fool’s festivities located in Hooligan’s Route in Lion’s Arch. Also, there are brand new cats brought to every major city. These cats will be noticeable when you are under the Chatoyant Elixir’s effects.

Bug fixes are pretty small this time, decreasing the sound effect’s volume when deploying the Eternal Mandala Glider. Profession abilities were also talked about, particularly the Engineer, Guardian, Necromancer, and Revenant.

For example, Revenant got these tweaks:

  • Charged Mists: Decreased energy gain from 25 to 10 in PvP alone.
  • Phase Traversal: Extended cooldown instead of being 5 seconds. It is now 12 seconds exclusively in PvP.
  • Surge of the Mists: Extended cooldown from 20 seconds to 25 seconds in PvP alone.
  • Infuse Light: Decreased duration of damage inversion effect from 3 seconds and changed to 2 seconds in PvP alone.
  • Energy Expulsion: Decreased knockback range from 450 to 100 in PvP alone.
  • Blinding Truths: This trait has a brand new internal cooldown of 10 seconds in PvP alone.

ArenaNet has recently made some adjustments to the Stretch Goals meta-achievement, so it has a more minor grind aspect. They Said,

“The Stretch Goals meta-achievement earned by playing The Icebrood Saga: Champions currently requires players to complete all the associated collections. This is prohibitively costly and doesn’t reflect the intended difficulty, so we’re making adjustments to correct it.”

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