Guild Wars 2 Skiffs And Fishing Revealed


Guild Wars 2 Skiffs And Fishing Revealed.

A brand new stream for Guild Wars 2 showed off some samples of the brand new Fishing and Skiffs activities that will be added at the End of Dragons DLC in this week’s Guild Chat Livestream.

Same with the gliders and mounts, you’ll be able to start fishing very quickly after beginning the brand new expansion. You’ll have to use a rod, lure, and bait to start fishing in any body of water all around Tyria. 

How catching fish works like a minigame. It would be best to keep a bar on the marker, and the more you keep it on the mark, the faster your catch meter will fill. Once it’s complete, you’ll be able to wheel in your prize. You can filet the fish you’ve caught to accommodate cooking elements or trade them in for prizes.

You can fish on the shore or your boat, also shown in today’s stream. You can only use boats later in the expansion, same as the Path of Fire mounts. Boats provide a maximum of five players. Passengers can do emotes while seated, and their emotes restore the boat’s “turbo boost” ability. When someone triumphantly gets a fish while on a boat, it gives a “fishing party” buff to each person on the boat. There are also Mastery courses for fishing and the boat that give you many bonuses and extra bonuses. 

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