Guild Wars 2 Shows Off Newest Balance Changes As Well As Reveal the new System Requirements

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Shows Off Newest Balance Changes As Well As Reveal the new System Requirements

Guild Wars 2 has recently published the newest balance patch preview for community feedback and started prepping the update that will make Guild Wars 2 Require DirectX 11 this April.

The Brand new balance patch will be releasing on February 14th. In the preview notes, they’re revisiting their 2021 rework to be sure to improve things properly. Two regulations are guiding this brand-new rework. First, converting mantras after you switch maps or die was just not fun, and second, they supposed that making you use your mantra’s final charge was not a suitable modification most of the time. So basically, they are retreating to the earlier version of mantras, and the old functionality will be back. 

Classes, of course, receive multiple balance changes. Elementalist’s staff conveys support capability boosts and adjusting for a scepter in competitive play. Engineer gets usability-focused modifications. Mesmer also gets a couple of usability tweaks, especially shields, and the group might. Necromancer receives damage boosts and more open buffs. Ranger will get a string of cooldown lowerings and a survival increase in competitive play. Revenant will also be tuned regarding PvP, especially for Vindicator, and the removal of an End of Dragons launch-era damage boost. Thief is getting more viability modifications, with Specter getting love in PvP. Finally, Warrior gets some drops to Spellbreaker in PvP because it has been oppressive. Gunsaber skills also get some increases.

Overall, the list of modifications seems more targeted than some of the extensive major balance patches we’ve seen in earlier months. This is in line with ANet’s adopted balance change perspective, with less overall scope in modifications some months and central balance revamps less frequently.

Guild Wars 2 has also started rolling out the DirectX 9 deprecation. The minimum requirements will now need you to have a DirectX X11 capable machine, mainly by April, when they officially cease supporting DirectX9.

Read more over at Guild Wars 2.

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