Guild Wars 2 FREE Black Lion Claim Ticket Available Until Saturday 26 December


Guild Wars 2 FREE Black Lion Claim Ticket Available Until Saturday 26 December.

ArenaNet has given us a free Wintersday present that will be waiting for you in Guild Wars 2. The gift can be found in the in-game mail. Today, Dec. 26, is the last day you can log in and get the Guild Wars 2 FREE Black Lion Claim Ticket, which is in the Gem Shop. Once you receive your ticket via in-game mail, as noted above, you can sell it in with the Black Lion Weapons Specialist in the Vaults, which can be found in the Lion’s Arch.

Weaponry skins there are worth three tickets, with the most affordable being the Shimmering Aurora skins that recently got added to the game in last week’s update.

If you’re hungry for more content. You can acquire the Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps through Black Lion Chests; 10 of those will net you another Ticket. That means, you’ll be grinding a lot of Black Lion Keys, which required Gems (i.e., money), as well as tons of luck.

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