Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Final Beta Starts Today Before Of WvW Test Planed This Weekend


Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Final Beta Starts Today Before Of WvW Test Planed This Weekend.

Yesterday Guild Wars 2’s fourth and final End of Dragons beta event, with all nine elite specs, has been unlocked on live servers in addition to the siege turtle. This will last till the evening of December 4, and yes, even free-to-play players can try it out.

But that’s not all. The team is also planning to start the previously postponed WvW beta this weekend and live until December 10, though players will have to pick their side, and the team will be holding a pre-test over the following few days.

“Between November 30 and December 2, we’ll be running an at-scale ‘in the background’ pre-test of the World Restructuring system using live player data. This test should not impact your WvW experience unless things break, in which case we’d roll back the changes immediately. On the back end, during this test, World Restructuring will be fully enabled, and we’ll be using it to matchmake players into the same teams they’re already assigned to in the existing World Linking system. So again, you shouldn’t notice a difference in your current match-up. It’s a nifty way to test matchmaking and team assignments before the beta starts at WvW reset on Friday. When the beta begins on Friday, players will be matchmade into new teams.”

Lastly, all four parts of the Icebrood Saga’s Champions episode are now available for all as the close for the living world return event, so get Truce, Power, Balance, and Judgment if ever you didn’t get them before.

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