Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Expansion Delayed While Colin Johanson Returns


Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Expansion Delayed While Colin Johanson Returns.

We have gotten more news about Guild Wars 2 first is the expansion delay. The dev team has made some adjustments in how they work. Unfortunately, because of this, they will need a little more time. So the Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons release is being delayed to the end of 2021 to 2022. also, the release date for the expansion will be revealed in the First Look Livestream on July 27.

Next, Colin Johanson has returned. He’s rejoined the studio to become co-lead. He also writes in his message to the Studio Update post. You can read the whole thing there, but the highlights are that co-lead JT went out to him after his time at Crucible and suggested that he return. So now that he’s back, he’s set out some things in the post that they wish to change on game development, including creating a brand new role centered on leading development strategy for the live game.

The rest of the post lightly discussed the live game, additional content like Alliances, and client performance optimization. These are all being worked on and will probably be reported on in the stream on July 27.

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