Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite specialization reveal teased


Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite specialization reveal teased.

Fans of Guild Wars 2 want more details about End of Dragons, and a contour of a kneeling figure wielding a broadsword is causing fans to create multiple theories. This will be the brand new elite spec announced for the expansion, and everyone’s attempting to figure out who it is before it even launches. A few popular theories consist of a broadsword Thief or Revenant, but the truth will be unveiled when ArenaNet thinks it’s time.

Fans are also expecting more knowledge regarding those skiffs and fishing features that the studio showed some time ago. For that, you’ll have to wait till September 10th, when the team at ArenaNet will be spewing out information about the upcoming content and gameplay of both of those systems. On the community part of Guild Wars 2, a guild has allocated about $6,100 to support the Cure Rare Disease charity by doing a fashion contest.

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