Guild Wars 2 Devs Share A Bit More About The Attack On The Frost Castle Meta Event

Guild Wars 2 Devs Stir Up A Bit More About The Attack On The Frost Castle Meta Event. 

With the following episode of Guild Wars 2 a few days away, a few devs at ArenaNet (senior designer Bryan Yarrow and developer Nick Hernandez especially) are looking to create a bit more interest as well as hype for the update by writing about the Attack on the Frost Castle meta-event, which is the centerpiece of the whole episode.

According to them, the new meta-event is implied to draw from previous episode auto mechanics like No Quarter’s push-and-pull, though there are some assured new ones within this meta-event as well. Players will have a lot of things to do throughout this event, such as capturing areas, constructing long-distance siege weapons, and knocking down a door, in addition to strategies altering on the fly mid-assault. As soon as the claimed door is knocked down, however, players must feel like they remain incomplete circumstances instead of a WvW-style keep.

That all stated, attacking the Frost Castle isn’t the last objective, as a Claw of Jormag menaces the skies overhead and shows up for the players to fight. This fight is split into two parts, with the very first requiring players to keep cannons fixed as they open fire on the Claw, and after that, the 2nd part is where players have to attack the Claw directly.

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