Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet Confirms They Are Working To Improve The Game Latency Issues


Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet Working To Improve The Game Latency.

If Guild Wars 2 has been laggy for you lately, we’ve got some good news ArenaNet is aware of and is currently working to fix it, as stated by a forum post in August. Unfortunately, the long road of work doesn’t seem to have an end for the Devs, according to an update post this past Friday.

Just for those who still are worried about the current problem,

“We’ve made several changes that have improved general performance, but as we mentioned in our previous update, there are a lot of factors that cause lag, and our changes haven’t had the impact we were hoping for,” elaborates the post. “We know the persistent issues are frustrating, and we want them improved as much as you do, so we’re now looking into bigger changes with a broader impact on the problem. These changes take longer to test and implement, and we appreciate your patience as we continue working on solutions.”

For now, ANet is urging players to file a report when experiencing latency problems, as they help the Devs to find the issues faster.

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