Grinding Gear Games Released A New Trailer For Path of Exile 2, Giving An Extensive Gameplay Look


Grinding Gear Games Released A New Trailer For Path of Exile 2, Giving An Extensive Gameplay Look. 

In the brand new stream yesterday, Grinding Gear Games provided a showcase of its progress on the future sequel to Path of Exile, ” Path of Exile 2 “. First unveiled at Exilecon in 2019, this brand new trailer and the gameplay shows players more of a concept of what to anticipate when the sequel releases next year.

The trailer shows off gameplay, giving sights at the renewed graphics and locations in Path of Exile 2. The gameplay gives a sight at some of the weapons utilized in PoE 2, such as crossbows and a brand new spear weapon class. 

The Path of Exile 2 gameplay showcases Act 2, which is located in the eh Vastiri Desert. Players will be pursuing a caravan, but there are huge, ancient gates obstructing the way for your caravan to get past. GGG is doing a bunch of brand new things with the environment and surroundings, such as assuring that “clear evidence” of your fights change the landscape, such as in the form of burning, charred corpses of the fallen enemies surround you. 

The approximately twenty-minute long gameplay video shows off the spear and crossbow in general, giving a sight into combat with each weapon. Abilities like Storm Spear, which shoots a lightning projectile that divides on contact, or using the crossbow’s Permafrost bolts to solidify enemies in place are simply some of the arsenal open to players. 

Path of Exile 2 won’t be released this year, but you may take a look at the complete gameplay walkthrough listed below to help get you equipped for the sequel when it does release someday in 2022.

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