Genshin Impact Zhongli Upcoming Changes Based On Player Feeback


Genshin Impact Zhongli Upcoming Changes Based On Player Feeback.

MMOBEEP heard that Last month, Mihoyo had introduced two brand-new 5-star characters, a part of Genshin Impact’s “A New Star Approaches” update: Childe and Zhongli. Childe was welcomed by the game’s community which Zhongli was treated oppositely.

The problem is that 5-star characters are supposed to be the most powerful characters in the game, but the community felt that he was a bit lackluster and was severely lacking in strength. Mihoyo had initially responded, saying that Zhongli is a support-type character and was meant to be played.

The studio’s reply didn’t sit well with the community in general, which forced the studio to revamp Zhongli based on the community’s feedback entirely. Mihoyo had actually given us a peek at some of the changes coming in a new update on the game’s official site.

“[. . .] We have made a further adjustment to Zhongli that increases his functionality as a supporting character while also improving his performance in Geo parties, non-Geo parties, and Co-Op scenarios,” stated the devs.

The changes are mainly based on Zhongli’s Dominus Lapidis skill. The devs buffed with an additional Stone Stele and an -20% elemental and physical resistance debuff for enemies within the ability radius. These Genshin Impact Zhongli Upcoming Changes live on the test server, although a live release has yet to be specified. The update will also only apply to Zhongli characters that have previously been unlocked, considering he is no longer available in either the Standard or the newest banner.

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