Genshin Impact Windblume Breath, Will be Releasing on March 1st

Genshin Impact

MMOBEEP found out that Genshin Impact is getting ready to release version 3.5, “Windblume Breath,” on March 1st. The update will add some Brand-new characters and resume the story of the twin travelers.

Brand-New characters are always a significant component of any Genshin Impact update. The two New characters Being added to the roster are legendary Eremite Dehya and Mika, a cartographer with the Knights of Favonius. These two elements have very different styles, with Dehya having a giant claymore and Pyro power and Mika with his polearm and Cryo power. When Dehya gets put into tighter situations, she can use her elemental skills and punch and kick in melee. Mika can utilize his elemental skills to help his teammates, along with his second choice of a crossbow.

There are also some brand-new quests, including Dehya’s story quest and Faruzan’s Hangout event, with information about the characters’ pasts. Story quests also persist with a continuance that the Traveler discovers more regarding the secrets of Tevyat and the Abyss Order while exploring for their lost sibling.

It’s also going to be festival time when the update releases. The Windblume Festival in the City of Mondstadt is a returning event that will contain challenges, minigames, and rewards. Some of the minigames featured are a photo tour mode, Breezy Snapshots, a rhythm game, Ballads of Breeze, and Floral Pursuit, a maze chase. The festival will be centered around love and freedom but will also have some brand-new guests from Sumeru, connecting this update to previous ones even more closely. In addition, Collei will visit with Tighnari and Cyno, starting a new adventure concerning a prophecy. 

It sounds like Hoyoverse is readying for fun and intrigue this time. There are also some brand-new features, comprising of the TCG Genius Invokation. 

For more info, head to Genshin Impact.

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