Frozen Flame Unveils Dragons Grove Update adding a New Biome and Campaign Content

Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame Unveils Dragons Grove Update adding a New Biome and Campaign Content

MMOBEEP found out that Frozen Flame, recently released into Early Access, is now getting a brand new biome and a lot more story content with its new Dragon’s Grove update.

Frozen Flames’ newest update adds a brand new biome, the islands of Dragon’s Grove, for players to scour. The brand-new area contains extreme weather, new NPCs, foes, and a lot more content to learn and explore. The update also adds some new materials and crafting recipes to the game.

“Centennial pines still remember the reign of the great dragons, and Library archives keep chronicles about life side by side with those winged giants. Now only bones scattered across the islands remind us of their former glory. Before the Rift, this was a much different place: dragons shared their knowledge with humanity, and the Orders kept the peace. In those days, the Curse was a long-forgotten legend from folios’ pages. Explore the islands of the Dragon’s Grove, and learn more about the world of Arcana. New acquaintances will tell you about Frozen Flame, Orders, and previous inhabitants of these lands.”

In addition, this new update also acts as a continuation of the main campaign, adding a bunch of new quests and more content to Frozen Flame with Dragon’s Grove, brand-new Idol Keepers, Iron weapons and armor, and a lot more. Frozen Flame is also getting some building refinements, allowing players to smelt coal and mithril, make wooden beds, torches, and more.

You can take a look at the full update details on their Steam page.

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