Frozen Flame Adds The New Ancient Valley Zone As Well As New Spells And Recipe Books


Frozen Flame Adds The New Ancient Valley Zone As Well As New Spells And Recipe Books.

MMOBEEP found out that Dreamside Interactive proceeds to bring brand new mechanics and content to Frozen Flame in the newest update for the fantasy-themed open-world survival MMORPG. The update includes a brand new elemental magic system that lets players use spell books to traverse Arkana much easier.

“You might have noticed that the world of Arkana is filled with magic. It permeates through all: the landscape, its inhabitants, and ancient artifacts. And now you have a chance to take control over it. All you need to do is to find magical items.

Two spellbooks have been hidden on the Cradle of Keepers. With their help, you’ll be able to walk on water, enhance your speed, create spheres of light, and.. jump high. Just take care of your knees, alright? You don’t want to repeat the fate of a ‘Falling Wizard,’ do you?”

Spellbooks get exhausted when you use them too much but can swiftly be refurbished to their prior glory using a workbench. Bonehead, the merchant, also has books in stock if ever players lose theirs.

By looking in the second tab, you can now obtain the cooking menu book as part of the team’s endeavors to stabilize the game’s cooking system.

“It’ll make known cooking dishes much easier. Just press the recipe you want to cook, and it’ll automatically add all the needed ingredients,” described the devs.

A brand new zone named the Ancient Valley has also been introduced to the game, which gives a much more challenging adventure than the Cradle of Keepers starting area.

“Ancient Valley is the first step to the long and treacherous way to the Citadel of the Frozen Flame. It’s much more dangerous than Cradle of Keepers but still hospitable enough for semi-comfortable life.”

The brand new zone contains abundant natural resources for building and many abandoned houses and ruins to traverse. Just be wary of skeletal mobs roaming the area at night. The portal to the brand new zone can be located in the Cave of Chronos.

The newest update also contains various fixes and additions to gameplay, the map, the UI, and more. You can skim through the full update notes on the Frozen Flame Steam page.

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