Free Fly Event Ongoing Until September 23 In Star Citizen. 

Free Fly Event Ongoing Until September 23 In Star Citizen.  

MMOBEEP says that In case you missed it, a Free Fly Event is going on today in Star Citizen, which will last till September 23. This is all part of the game’s yearly Ship Showdown. Stage 1 of the competition included voting on the top leading ships in a type of bracket. This free-fly event is, in fact, part of Stage 2 of this competition with the top 16 entries.

From the free fly Event page notes,

“In addition to moving on to the next phase of the competition, all 16 ships selected by the community will be available for you to try during a two-week Free Fly event. After all, there’s no better way to decide which ship is champion material than to take to the skies and test-fly them for yourself.”

if you want to learn more about the Free-Fly Event, you can take a look here. It also includes steps on how to install star citizen

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